17歳でバークリー音楽大学の奨学金のテストに合格、当時で最高金額を取得。その後渡米せず甲陽音楽院 神戸校へ入学。在学中受けたオーディションで見事合格し「熱帯Jazz楽団」と共演、プロミュージシャンとしてのキャリアをスタートさせ拠点を東京に移す

2011年に米国アラバマ州にてStevie Wonderのプロデューサーの一人であるHenry PanionⅢに出会い、Audiostate 55 Entertainment Companyのゴスペルライブとレコーディングにアジア人 初の参加をし絶賛される。



帰国後はBoAやCrystal Kayをはじめ、様々なLIVEツアーに参加。

2015年からは韓国の人気グループSuper Juniorメンバーのホールツアー、アリーナツアーに参加する。2018年からはNissyこと西島隆弘(AAA)のSoloアリーナツアーに続き、4大ドームツアーに参加。






Keiichi "KG" Horii

Born March 5, 1987 (31years-old)


Keiichi Horii was born in Hokkaido Japan to a musical family. Youngest of three, he started playing bass at the tender age of eight at church where his brother and sister were also playing music.  By the time he was in highschool Keiichi was already known in Hokkaido as a great bass player, joining supporting band for popular Japanese artists.  

At the age of 17, Keiichi passed the test and was granted the highest  scholarship to Berklee College of Music, but could not move to the U.S. for family reasons.  He instead went to Koyo Conservatory of Music (a member of Berklee International Network).  Even while in school Keiichi continued to appear on shows with professional bands in Japan.  He moved to Tokyo upon graduation to continue to persue his career as a musician.  

In 2011, Keiichi was invited to the U.S. as a bassist for a gospel group tour, where he met and recorded with Henry Panion III (one of the producers for Stevie Wonder).  He was offered a scholarship to Alabama University, but decided to return to Tokyo.  Keiichi also has played for artists like Tommy Walker, Linda McCrary Fisher and Ron Brown.  


Keiichi now tours with Japanese and Korean Pop artists such as BoA and Super Junior K.R.Y., and many others around the world.

He is a loving husband and a proud father of two.  


Keiichi Horii | Biography

Artists (アルファベット順)

BoA、Crystal Kay、Chara、久保田利伸、コブクロ、小坂忠、キュヒョン(Super Junior) 、氷川きよし、フィロソフィーのダンス、m.c.A・T、森大輔、Michael Bethany、村上てつや(ゴスペラーズ)、森久保 祥太郎、明日海りお、Nichkhun(from 2pm)、西島隆弘(AAA)、JUJU、熱帯Jazz楽団、RIRI、Linda McCrary Fisher、Rude-α、Ron Brown (SAX)、PUSHIM、織田哲郎、さかいゆう、清水翔太、鈴木茂、Super Junior K.R.Y.、SWAY(DOBERMAN INFINITY)、住岡梨奈、ソンシギョン、Tommy Walker、TAKAHIRO(EXILE)、手越祐也、TiA、VERBAL(m-flo) 、V6(井ノ原快彦・坂本昌行・長野博)、山崎育三郎、イエソン(Super Junior)、and more...

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